Pre-Planning Services

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Pre-planning helps spare your loved ones from making difficult and emotional decisions.  This ensures your wishes are carried out and let’s your family focus on their grief.  Our expert staff will be happy to assist you in choosing your final resting place,.  We also sell monuments, markers and urns.  Schedule a FREE, no-obligation appointment today so that we can help you prepare. 


We can guide you through the following choices:

  • Traditional Burial or Cremation?
    • St. Joseph Cemetery can provide your final resting place whether you chose traditional burial in a casket or prefer to be cremated.  If you choose cremation, we do sell urns and urn vaults in a variety of styles that can be pre-purchased.  A funeral home would be where you can make arrangements if you would like to choose a casket or set up cremation services.
  • Together with Family or as Single?
    • We offer family or single lots.  Families can purchase for multiple generations with multiple graves in one lot.  Companion options allow 2 people to be buried together.  Single lots are also available and can sometimes be located near other family lots.
  • ?In-Ground or Above Ground
    • We offer both choices regardless of whether you are looking for a casket burial or cremation.  For above-ground, in the beautiful St. Francis Garden section, we offer mausoleum crypts as well as columbarium niches.  Our Prayer and Cremation Garden also offers the option of columbarium niches. 
  • Which Section of the Cemetery Do You Prefer?
    • St. Joseph Cemetery has 25 acres of developed land and 12 acres of undeveloped land.  Stunning trees grace the grounds.  We have statues centered in some of our sections with similar style markers, such as all flush to the ground or monuments allowed.  Some people prefer sections closer to the Fox River, others like to be closer to the fountain, let us walk through the cemetery with you to find what's right for you.
  • How Would You Like Your Grave Marked?
    • We offer monuments and markers in a variety of sizes and styles.  Some sections of the cemetery have a specific limit on the size, while other areas allow more choices.  You can chose to have your marker engraved with your name, birthdate, and other words now, or make a plan now but wait until your burial for things to be purchased or engraved. 
  • Decisions to Share With Your Family:
    • We encourage you to have a conversation with your loved ones about the choices you make. Additionally, in-ground vases can be added at the time of burial.  If you chose not to have your monument or marker purchased or engraved a head of time, please be sure to share your wishes with those you will leave behind.
  • Limited offer:  FREE Personal Planning Organizer with the purchase of a burial agreement.


Call us today for a personalized appointment at 920-733-1631 or use our contact form.

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