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Decoration Rules



Only flowers, live cut flowers or artificial flower bouquets, no more than 24 inches in height, are allowed in an approved container. (An approved container is one that is approved by the cemetery, it will be a unit manufactured for cemetery use, fitting in an in-ground sleeve and designed for the vase to be flush with the ground when not in use.) Flower containers attached to monuments must be approved before installation. 

NO: Shepherd hooks, flags, crosses, beads, lights, statues, cards, balloons, pictures, plantings or anything else.

NO: Marbles, stones, rocks, gravel or concrete in vases. 

 Family monuments may have a stainless steel plant holder designed to hold pots or vases on the side of a monument as long as it does not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery. Small floral saddles placed on top of the monument are allowed as long as they are stable and do not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery. Small plants may be in these monument pots or saddles only. Individual or double markers may not have anything attached on them.

Taping, wiring, gluing or attaching anything to a marker or monument, in any manner, is prohibited. No item may be attached to, or be on, any marker or monument unless approved by the cemetery.

Funeral flowers will be removed from the site when they become unsightly or after five days.

No decorations of any kind are allowed at crypts or niches, except the day of the funeral.

Winter decorations, such as a wreath, no more than 36”, on an approved 3-point stand or strung to a monument or marker, may be permitted after fall clean up. Do NOT drive stakes or posts into the ground. (DO NOT put winter decorations out before the approved time, even if you see others doing it.) 

Spring and summer decorations may be placed starting the weekend before Easter Sunday.

Fall clean up begins October 15, at which point all decorations must be removed from the cemetery.

Winter decorations may not be placed in the cemetery until the first weekend before Thanksgiving. 

Winter decorations should be removed by March 15.

During fall clean up, winter burials and snow removal, St. Joseph Cemetery and its staff will not be responsible for any damage done to any vases, decorations or decoration stands. 

St. Joseph Cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard anything placed within the cemetery that it deems not to conform to the rules of the cemetery. Any decoration or item that the cemetery deems as unsafe or faded or weathered or outdated will be removed and discarded. St. Joseph Cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard any item it feels is not in compliance with these written rules or by St. Joseph Cemetery’s discretion, the item is not within the spirit of the rules or general principles of the cemetery as determined by the staff. 

Only cemetery staff or vendors with proper insurance and authorized by the cemetery are allowed do any work in the cemetery or to dig, install or apply anything in regard to cemetery property.



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